PAIKKA Matarskál Svört Slow Feed

PAIKKA Matarskál Svört Slow Feed


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For The Healthiest Feeding.

YOUR PROBLEM: Many dogs love food a bit too much and tend to gulp. And on the other hand there are dogs with the opposite problem, who are not that interested to eat, causing you to worry.

OUR SOLUTION: The awarded PAIKKA Slow Feed Bowl forces your dog to eat around the 3D shape, slowing him down. Paced eating prevents indigestion and bloating. Chewing the kibble is good for the dogs dental hygiene. The bowl also offers mental stimulation, making it more interesting to eat. The fact that dogs get to work for the food, often means they eat better.

PAIKKA Slow Feed Bowls are made of patented self cooling ceramics material. Soak the bowl under water for 45 seconds to activate the cooling effect. This helps to keep the food fresh and to reduce bacterial growth. Cooling bowls are also a great help when you need to defrost raw food in a controlled manor.

Key Features:

  • Slow Feed Bowls are mentally stimulating for all dogs.
  • 3D shape encourages even the greediest dogs to eat slower.
  • Unique material keeps the bowl cool for hours without external power sour-ce. All you need is tap water.
  • Handmade, patented production method


Bowl is 100% ceramic.
Cooling Ceramic material licensed from Magisso®


The bowl is dishwasher safe, please ensure the bowl will not move in the dishwasher during washing!

Designed in Helsinki, Finland.
Responsibly made in China.

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