PAIKKA hundabæli Concious

PAIKKA hundabæli Concious


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Clean Conscience, Good Sleep.

YOUR PROBLEM: You try to reduce consumption, yet your dog needs a place to sleep.

OUR SOLUTION: Your dog needs a bed, period. But you can choose wisely. This bed is made of organic cotton and the soft padding is made of recycled plastic bottles.

PAIKKA Conscious Bed is soft and comfortable. Sides offer the dog security and comfort. Pillow can be turned around for prolonged usage between washes. All covers are removable and machine washable for easy maintenance.

Dog bed is many times apparent part of the living room or bedroom. We bet it doesn’t hurt that this bed looks nice too. The tone down look of the bed is timeless and goes well with many kinds of home décor styles.

Key Features:

  • Fight against waste – soft recycled filling.
  • Sustainable materials, no microplastics.
  • Removable, washable covers.

Available sizes:

60 x 50 cm | 27 x 20 inch

80 x 60 cm | 32 x 27 inch

110 x 82 cm | 43 x 32 inch


Shell: 100% organic cotton.
Filling: 100% Polyester made of recycled plastic bottles


Remove filling before wash. Covers: 30 degree machine wash, mild detergent, gentle cycle. No tumble dry.

Designed in Helsinki, Finland.
Responsibly made in India

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